Updates Spring 2019

Today was the big mid April snow storm. I have started a couple of podcast projects and made some updates to my attitude. I want to live more intentionally and consider my personal impact in a very general sense. Also in some very specific ways, but I’ll not get into that now.

My real goal here is to move myself and my career forward. I’d really like to pursue creating a living with my beloved hobbies. I have many, and many of them are creative, the outcome of which would be considered a commodity. Somehow, I will make these into sources of a grateful, intentional, and profitable lifestyle.

I have some plans this spring. I want to do some Superior hiking trail trips. I plan on doing some canoe camping trips. I hope to trout fish a bunch. Tenkara, regular fly, or spinning reel…I don’t care which, but the tenkara sounds the most fun and challenging. I hope to play some guitar and do an open mic or two. I would also love to give away some of the art that I make. A big undertaking that I’d really like to accomplish is to make more cheese. I don’t know why this is intimidating to me, but I think I’ll get over it. My simple goal is to make at home, cheese, sauce, crust, and sausage and make a pizza. Growing the herbs and spices would also be really cool. I just love the idea of learning how to do things.

That’s it for tonight. Maybe I’ll try to write more posts like this to kind of stay on top of things in my life and just to check in every once in a while.

Take care!

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