Along the path of life, if we apply ourselves, we can gain any number of skills. Here is what I've learned.

Web Design

From learning HTML in 1996 and CSS in the 2000's to teaching myself Javascript and PHP in the 2010's, my path of website coding has been 100% self taught. I will always be interested in design trends and their application to the user experience. This is my favorite field of study and I hope I never stop applying myself in this direction.

Digital Strategies

Using analytics, adwords, and applying my knowledge of SEO to my design principles has helped me leverage the greatest ROI for my ecommerce clients. Taking DakotaStones from a zero web presence to selling over $150k annually online would have to be my proudest digital accomplishment.


Working with a diverse array of clients with differing needs can be a challenge. Communicating digital principles and strategies to clients with little to no knowledge of these fields is part of what makes my upbringing in the 1980's so valuable to both an older and younger clientele.



Lifelong learner and creative web developer interested in getting the job done efficiently and thoroughly with a keen eye for detail.

Great people in my past.

You don't have to take my word for it.
Marina Olson
Marina Olson
"Andy is intensely curoious and generous with his kindness. He's one of my favorite people!."
Jeff Elvin
Jeff Elvin
"Andy was a great team player from day one. Hire him. I did."
Tia Darst
Tia Darst
"Andy is just great. He's helped with so many projects we've done together!"

You might just have to see for yourself.

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